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Learn how to master the challenging stages of your startup from founders who’ve done it multiple times.

We respect your privacy. This is a group session of passionate founders who help each other. No costs involved. Just founders who help each other.

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Thursday 18:00 CET (1h).

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Who is it for?

“Early stage startup founders.”

Our session is for founders who have recently founded their companies as well as for founders who want to launch their venture very soon.

What to expect.

1) You get clear & actionable answers to your questions.

2) You meet other founders.

3) You leave the session motivated.

Who is Michael?

Michael is a tech person with a really strange combination of skills he acquired while building startups: Michael's LinkedIn

Tech Team & Product

Main skill based on his tech background

Company Building

Including business planning, fundraising, pitch decks, market research, strategy and more.

No-Code | YouTube | Blockchain

Long story. Let's have a call if you want to know how these skills came about ; )

What founders need.


Find out what your market wants and what you want. Make sure those two are aligned.

Templates & Tools

Outsmart others by using templates & tools that make you faster. There is a lot to gain here.

For example, using No-Code tools can accelerate your app building without needing developers.


Join a community of founders you can ask when you need help. You are at the right place. Welcome 😎


Be sure about the next steps you're taking.

Analyse the Market

Understand your market aka. your customers the best you can.

Create a Prototype

Test your assumptions with prototypes. Save time & money.

Build a Team

Put together the optimal team for your case. You don't have to do it all alone.

Tools & Templates.

Which tools can help you save time and create a scaling business?

Use No-Code Tools

Did you know that you can create apps without coding? You can even automate processes without developers. Michael has a YouTube channel about that topic alone. Check it out 😎


Templates for your business plan, job offers, team structures, processes and more can accelerate your company and it keeps you sane 😉


Everyone needs someone to talk to in case of doubt. Who do you talk to?

Talk to like-minded people

We are a community of founders who help each other. Michael is facilitating events and sessions where founders from all over the world (mostly Europe) get together and share their knowledge.

Michael helps

In addition to that Michael joins these events and shares his experience from over 11 years of Startups company building and managing.

What founders say.

Founders who joined our sessions multiple times

The session was so amazing. Inspiring people.
Michael did his job really well in moderating and helping all of us answer our pressing questions like "How to find a co-founder" for example.

Daniel Schmöltzer - Founder & CEO, The Voice Agency

Michael and the community helped me a lot with my entrepreneurship questions. I recommend these sessions to every upcoming entrepreneur.

Viktoria Izdebska - Founder of AIM Advanced Technologies

In these sessions you can learn a lot about the concepts about how to start a company, even if you are not starting your company right now. Very valuable. You should consider joining as well.

Peter Wolfframm - Student

Klaus Buchroithner

CEO & FOUNDER at Das Merch


Who is the session for?

For everyone who's building a digital startup and needs help moving forward.
We are passionate founders who regularly meet online and discuss solutions to tough startup problems.

Which questions can I ask?

You can ask anything related to: app & website creation, team building, tech teams, hiring, business planning, marketing, automation, no-code and YouTube brand building.

When is the session?

It's every Thursday at 18:00 CET via Zoom.

Does it cost?

Nope. It's totally free.
Why? Because Michael does not need to work anymore, so he's now helping others succeed.
You can book Michael for 1on1 sessions if you like, but it's not a must.

Join the next session.

In our company building session we help each other solve issues and get fresh perspectives.
Best of all, we motivate each other 😎